The Gaza Mono-Logues

The Gaza Mono-Logues:

Forwarded from Ashtar theatre in Ramallah:

Dear global Community,

The overwhelming amount of the global response we received so far, from more than 40 countries to the ASHTAR Theatre’s #gazamonologues Call, deeply touches us and renders us speechless.

Several thousands of you have engaged with The Gaza Monologues creating public readings, videos, audio recordings, podcasts, radio plays, music, video art, handcrafts, posters and more which is a true testimony to creativity.

The Gaza Monologues have been and continue to be read in classrooms, universities, prisons, hospitals, theatres, cinemas, cultural centers, orphanages, libraries, churches, squats, cafes, private homes, public spaces, online and in person, reaching almost the entire globe.

Many of you have expanded and continue to expand the access to the Monologues by translating the text into new languages such as Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Hindi, Polish, Malayalam, Indonesian, and more.

However, despite of what you have seen and done so far, there is little to no change on the ground and the dehumanizing suffering continues. We hope that The Gaza Monologues would go beyond your readings to engage decision makers and governments, to create real pressures that will bring a sovereign state for Palestinians.

Therefore, we extend this call for continuous readings of the old and new monologues, beyond November 29th.

There is a lot we can do together, join our Global WhatsApp Community Groups:

* Readers and Organisers,

* Translators.

You can find the access links in BIO.

ASHTAR Theatre has also launched an urgent psycho-social program for war-affected children in Palestine and is now endorsed by Global Giving.

You can make your donation using the link BIO.

Many thanks to each and every one of you, who have and will be participating, as well as to everyone who has registered their readings and shared them with us!

It is not too late to register, please use the link in BIO.

TOGETHER, we shall save our humanity. It is a real wave that we wish does not end until the occupation ends.

ASHTAR Theatre Team

#gazamonologues #ashtartheatre #gaza

Donate to Ashtar theatre’s psycho-social work:

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