is a theatre without walls. is building theatre. is a non-physical space where we rewrite daily scripts and disrupt patterns inside and outside of us by performing our roles in unexpected ways. is the theatre inside of us and the buildings that we are. is my digital body, running from the corporate internet, running from multinational data salesmen.

as I let go of the data that I already gave, as I accept the current algorithmic patterns of my neuronal network, I reach the foyer of, owned by us.

from a multinational unorganized worker industry to a global village of actors. surfing sound waves. owning our actions.

for whom are we performing?

we don’t need high speed wifi, we don’t need more phones. we need sustainability, justice and respect for life.

we use the lowest possible amount of data.

we work with and in the service of broken equipment. is a decentralized performance laboratory.

transforming the internet into a stage that challenges hegemonic structures.

reaching out to each other, improvising as we go.

what percentage actor and what percentage spectator am I?

we build on the concept of the spectactor from theatre of the oppressed.

spectating is not an innocent act and acting is not the only way to interfere.

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